Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Q- How do I install apps on MEmu?

Ans: In order to install the application in MEmu Player you need to open the MEmu market on Google Play Store. Thereafter search the particular application or game you want to get. Now hit on the install tab. Another method to get the applications on MEmu Player is to download the Apk file of the application to the PC. Thereafter you need to hit on the APK button on the sidebar and then put on the install tab to get the application installed.

Q- How to install OBB file in MEmu?

Ans: First of all open your MEmu shared folder and then put the file you want to install in the folder. Now open the APK pure on the MEmu and then find the file through the app management system. The next step you need to follow is to hit on the install and OBB EV files will get extracted. Now to continue the process you need to hit on the next tab and then the installation process will be finished.

Q- How do I change the language on MEmu?

Ans: If you want to change the language on MEmu then you need to press the settings tab. Thereafter opening the language option and then hit on the particular language. Within seconds you will see a list of languages available. Now scroll down the table and hit on the English language. Your language is finally changed.

Q- How do I uninstall MEmu?

Ans: If you want to uninstall MEmu then you need to select the uninstall option of that particular program. Thereafter you need to hit on the uninstall tab. Now go to the control panel and then go to the list of all programs available. All the programs will get appear on your skin. Hit on the MEmu icon and then select uninstall from the dropdown list available.

Q- What is the process of multi MEmu?

Ans: If you are interested in playing multiple Android games simultaneously then all you need to do is to hit on the shortcut tab to start the multi MEmu. For creating several instances of Memory you need to hit on the create button available. Now you can run them whenever you want. Furthermore, you can also clone an existing MEmu instance by hitting on the clone button available on the same page.

Q- Is the MEmu Emulator free to download?

Ans: The MEmu Emulator is absolutely free to download in the device. The users do not need to pay any sort of amount for getting this application installed.

Q- Can I get MEmu Emulator lollipop without a MEmu Emulator base?

Ans: No to download the MEmu Emulator in the computer, it is important to have MEmu Emulator base in the device

Q- Are there any microtransactions the user needs to complete for using the MEmu Download Emulator?

Ans: No as we have stated that the user does not need to complete any sort of microtransactions for using this application.

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